A new promising well is flowing in Yangpur

Courtesy of bolorusneft.by

And all this thanks to the use of new oil production technology – an 8-stage fracturing. The 837th Izvestinskaya well still produces about 40 tons of oil per day. It is expected that after the well reaches the planned operating mode, the daily production will increase to 150 tons. The well was drilled from February to April of this year. Then, at the development stage, for the first time, Belarusian oil workers conducted an 8-stage hydraulic fracturing at Yangpur. The works were carried out in a horizontal well with a length of one thousand meters. Thus, it was possible to include in the development of the entire central part of the Izvestinsky field.

If, without fracturing, the Izvestinsky field produced up to 10 tons of oil per day, then with hydraulic fracturing - up to 60 tons per day, and using multi-stage hydraulic fracturing, the daily production is more than 200 tons. In the future, the multi-stage hydraulic fracturing technology at Yangpur is planned to be used at well No. 831 of the Metelnoye gas condensate field. Now it’s being drilled. Expected production may reach 300 thousand cubic meters of natural gas and 30-40 tons of gas condensate.

The development of the Blizzard deposit brought Yangpur an impressive increase in production. Daily production of natural gas increased from 300 thousand to 900 thousand cubic meters per day, gas condensate from 20 to 90 tons.

Source: belorusneft.by

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