Belorusneft reaches its maximum drilling progress in the history of drilling in Belarus

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The new achievement comes to more than 161 thousand meters of rocks. Such is the drilling progress expected by the end of 2019. The exact numbers will be known in early January.  But 107 percent of the plan has already been fulfilled – it was supposed that 150 thousand meters would have been drilled last year. And this is also the maximum drilling progress in the entire history of drilling in the Belarusian region.

The team of the Svetlogorsk Drilling Operations Department updated its annual performance. By the end of 2018, they had drilled 137,461 m of rock and built 50 wells. That time the record of the far away 1975 had been broken – 135 716 meters.

The new result was achieved by the forces of 14 crews of the drilling unit.

The production drilling program for 2020 has also been formed.

Svetlogorsk drillers will have to drill 160,250 meters of rock (124,069 meters - production drilling, 36,181 m – prospecting and exploration drilling) and build 51 wells.


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