Lumina unveils new geophysical-modeling tool

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Leonardo, the new geophysical-modeling tool from Lumina, is now available. The tool allows users to imagine, model and test 2D earth models more quickly and more easily than ever before, using a paint-oriented approach. Paint your earth model and push a few buttons for instant 2D synthetic seismic sections, a wide variety of attributes and AVO responses.

According to Lumina, the tool allows modeling to become an extension of the geophysicist’s imagination. With Leonardo, users don’t need to set up complicated projects and workspaces. Instead, they can get started right away and create models in minutes. They can import images of logs, cross sections, outcrops, or just sketch their models and generate images on-the-fly, then save and share their results with colleagues.

Maintaining its lead in advancing new quantitative geophysical analysis methods and innovations, Lumina says its vision for Leonardo is to reimagine the geophysical model-building experience. Users can quickly create the models they want, with the detail they need. It also comes with a geological model library for common situations, such as wedges, flat spots and AVO classes, which can be readily edited to help speed modelling for any particular situation. Additionally, the response catalog can be readily expanded to suit a company’s needs.


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