New achievement of Belorusneft experts. This time when drilling the sidetrack

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The record of daily penetration when drilling a side shaft at the Rechitsky field was 255 meters per day. Team 3 of The Department for enhanced oil recovery and well repair works on the BARS-100 machine.

According to the well drilling supervision division of Rechitsaneft OIL and Gas Production Department, the previous achievement in similar operations at the same field was recorded on November 2, 2019. Then the daily ROP was 235 meters. They worked on the HRI-500 unit.

If you compare with the performance of the ARS-100 unit, which set a new record for daily drilling rate on May 4, the difference with the previous maximum is 75 meters. On August 26, 2019, during the construction of the side trunk, 180 meters of rocks were passed in a day.

The length of the sidetrack will be 1226 meters. Its KOP is at a depth of 1100 meters.


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