New Technology of TatNIPIneft R&D Institute

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Specialists of TatNIPIneft R&D Institute of PJSC TATNEFT have developed a new technology of improving extra-viscous oil production efficiency. 

Scale removal technology (VTK-A technology) was developed by specialists of the institute to restore the productivity of pumping equipment and maintain production levels of super-viscous oil by using special salt dissolution composition.

During its application, a composition having a high dissolving capacity and removing scaling completely is injected into the production well. This eliminates the formation of secondary sediments that worsen the flow of oil to the well. 

Among the advantages of the new technology is the absence of the corrosive effect of the composition on the downhole pumping equipment (DPE), which preserves the integrity of the equipment and increases its service life. There is also no negative effect of the composition on oil quality, and the formation of chlorinated derivatives is avoided.

VTK-A technology increases the overhaul period of the artificial lift well stock, which during its application exceeds 1000 days.

Pump capacity after processing ensures energy-efficient operation of the equipment. The capacity of electric submersible pumps is maintained for a long time.

Costs for the repair of DPE, maintenance of surface drives, and specific energy intensity of the production well stock are reduced.

The total economic efficiency of the technology is estimated at 500 thousand rubles per well treatment.


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