Record Fishbone Built at East-Messoyakha field

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A unique for the industry multilateral well with eight branch holes by the fishbone* technology was built at East-Messoyakha field. The length of the productive hole is 5.1 km, the total drilling rate is 9.1 km. The oil-saturated layer in the drilling area did not exceed 12 m.

Fishbones are the trademark of Messoyakhaneftegaz. The multilateral well design increases the well productivity by 40% compared to a standard horizontal well and allows directing each branch to separate oil zones without opening sections with gas or water. The use of this technology is relevant for East-Messoyakha field’s geological structure, where reserves are located in split sandy deposits with clay bands at the depth of less than a kilometre.

Last year, 131 high-tech wells were built at the field, every fourth with using the fishbone technology. In 2019, 25 new similar wells with a large number of branch holes will be constructed at East-Messoyakha field.


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