US experts Jake Benton and Charles Pope gave recommendations to the Belarusians

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On the application of new methods of multi-stage hydraulic fracturing – Plug and Perf. Jake Benton and Charles Pope are recognized experts in the field of coiled tubing technology and work on the geophysical cable. Both have almost 40 years of experience, including the development of shale deposits in the United States. For example, Charles Pope is the founder and president of Complete Shale. Its specialists provide consulting services in the field of drilling and completion of horizontal wells, “flexible pipes”.

The Americans first checked the technical equipment of Belorusneft. They appreciated how well Belarusian oil workers are ready for the independent introduction of a multistage Plug and Perf hydraulic fracturing technology in Belarus. This method is used in the development of hard-to-recover reserves from low-permeability and non-traditional reservoirs. We are talking about I-III rock units of the Rechitsky field. The technology Plug and Perf is planned to be tested this year at the well No. 411 of Rechytsa. It is complex in design, with a large zenith angle and a horizontal trunk length of almost 1.1 km.

American specialists also held a training seminar for geophysicists, well repair workers, employees of the BelNIPIneft institute.


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