Information for authors

General instructions

Articles should be submitted in Russian or English. Authors should use strict scientific language only.

In the beginning of the first page the following information should be presented:

  1. Title of the article.

  2. Author(s) (Full name(s), position, company, science degree, e-mail, phone number).

  3. Organization(s) (name(s), ZIP code, postal address, phone number, fax, e-mail).

Text of the article

The size of the article should normally be not less than 5,000 and no more than 30,000 printed characters (inluding blank characters,  punctuation marks, etc.).

For the body text of the article authors should use Times New Roman font, size 12pt. Text justification should be applied; sesquialteral  interline spacing. Authors are allowed to insert special symbols generated by regular formulas editors.

In order to generate chemical formulas one should use Word or ChemWindow programs.

The article can be divided into several sections (e.g. Introduction,  Task description, Conclusions, References, etc.).

All abbreviations should be defined the first time they are used.

Dimensions of all quantities presented in the paper should correspond to International System of Units (SI system). Authors from USA and Canada are allowed to use inch-pound equivalents. Shortenings (except for those that are commonly used) should be avoided.

The list of figures should be presented in the end of the article as well.


All sources cited in the text must be included in the reference list. It should consist of: for journal publications – author(s) name(s) and initials, title of the paper, journal’s title, volume, year of edition, issue number, pages; for books – author(s) name(s) and initials, title of the book, place and year of edition, publisher, number of pages. Please use the natural ordering, putting initials before names. References are presented in the original transcription and in the order of their mentioning in the body text. References to unpublished papers are not allowed.

Figures and photos

The total number of figures/photos presented in the article should not normally exceed 6 items. Graphs, scanned figures, drafts and photos with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (tif, bmp, gif, jpg, cdr, wmf formats are allowed) should be submitted as separate files. Graphs can be created with the help of "Excel" and "MS-graf" programs. Font size for figure’s legend must be not less than 9 pt.

Authors should point the location of tables and figures if they are situated not in the body text of the paper. Repetition of the same data in the body text, tables, figures or captions is inadmissible.

The size of the figure depends on its information richness. Simple figure (with a minimum quantity of information) should have a size of 5x6 cm (±1); complicated figure (with plenty of information) can have a maximum size of 16×18 cm. In this case, a figure and its caption should be situated at the same page.

If desired, authors can attach their CVs and photos as separate files (jpg or tiff formats are allowed). The size of the photo should be not less than 800px either vertically or horizontally.

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