Editorial Board and Consultants


Lapatsentava Alena


J. Attie, Vice President, International Sales, Global Tubing;

R. Akhmetshin, Deputy Director of "TagraS-RemServis" - the Head of the Eterprise "Aktybinskremservis";

H. Bulyka, Еditor-in-Сhief; 

K. Burdin, Doctor of Engineering, Coiled Tubing Geomarket Technical Engineer, Schlumberger;

R. Clarke, Honorary Editor;

T. Green, Petroleum Engeneering Specialist, ICoTA Inernational Sr. Chair;

A. Korotchenko, Director, InTech, LLC;

A. Lapatsentava, Deputy Chaurman of the Board of the FID Group;

A. Ovsiankin, Deputy General Director, Packer Service, LLC;

M. Silin, Doctor of Chemistry, Professor, Head of the Department of Chemical Technologies for the Oil and Gas Industry, National University of Oil and Gas "Gubkin University"; 

S. Simakov, ​Well Intervention Manager of the Integreted Solutions Department for HRV of the Design and Functional Support Unit for the assets , Gazpromneft  NTC LLC;

E. Shtakhov, Doctor of Engineering, Deputy Director General, RosTEKtehnologii;

A. Tretiak, Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Head of Oil and Gas Equipment and Technologies Department, SRSTU (NPI); 

A. Trifonov, Chief Engineer of the Yamburg project, Gazpromneft-Zapolyarye LLC;

D. Vorobiev, Deputy Chief Operations Director at RUP Production Association Belarusneft;

S. Zagranichny, Director General, Trican Well Service, LLP, Kazakhstan.




L. Magadova, Doctor of Engineering, Deputy Director of Institute of
Industrial Chemistry, National University of Oil and Gas "Gubkin University";

H.B. Luft, Professor, Senior Technical Advisor of Trican Well Service;

K. Newman, Technical Director of NOV CTES;

A. Kustyshev, Doctor of Engineering, Professor.

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