LUKOIL successfully tries out casing drilling

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​As a part of its technical and economic optimization programme, LUKOIL conducted controlled directional casing drilling at its Bayandyskoye and Pyakyakhinskoye fields, and received encouraging results.

The Republic of Komi became the first region where the Company performed controlled directional 245 mm casing drilling featuring extractable bottom hole assembly.

At a well of the Pyakyakhinskoye field in West Siberia, LUKOIL reached a nationally unprecedented casing drilling speed of 50.2 metres per hour. An entire section was drilled in less than two days. The average drilling speed was 13% higher compared to drilling that employs standard technology. Time needed to construct a section for the 324 mm surface pipe decreased more than twofold.

This method, when employed in complex geological environment, allows to optimize well construction and evade risks that arise from standard drilling techniques: risks of casing sticking or failing to reach projected depth because of unstable walls, expansive clays, coal districts and lost-circulation zones.

​LUKOIL plans to continue testing the technology at its other suitable fields.


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