Issue 59

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Successful Implementation of 20 Stage Multistage Fracturing with CT in the Well in Russian Federation


Progressive Experience for Selective Re-fracturing with SpotFrac Technology


"Oil and Gas of Ukraine"


Proceedings of the 17th International Scientific and Practical Coiled Tubing, Hydraulic Fracturing and Well Intervention Conference (Part 2)


The Market Is Waiting for Quality Coiled Tubing with a Long Service Life and Reasonable Price (Interview with Ravil Enikeev, Technical Director of FracJet-Volga)


Effective Partnership between BashVzryvTekhnologii and RN-Uvatneftegaz


NKMZ-Group Strives To Find Integrated Solutions (Interview with R. Galimov, Deputy Director for technology at NKMZ-Group)


and much, much more...


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