Belarusian oilmen conquered Ukrainian "Everest"

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So the drillers call Machuhskoye field.

At present crews of Belorusneft Ukrainian subsidiary, LLC Service Oil, are working there. They are constructing wells. One of them, No. 53, has already been drilled. Its depth is 5.85 kilometers. The well has become one of the most complex targets during the work of Belarusian drillers in the Ukraine. There were out-of-limit bottom-hole pressures and temperatures, as well as complex geology there: on Machukha, because of unstable rocks, caving formations and sloughing often occur. So the comparison of drilling in this area with climbing the Everest is quite justified.

Furthermore, Belarusian drillers from the crew No. 2 completed the work during 175 days, which is ahead of schedule by 40 days. During the well construction, the crew used the Bentec stationary drilling rig. They applied innovative solutions and modern technologies on site. All technological processes were properly organized - the specialists of the customer and the drilling contractor worked together.


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