Belorusneft reached a new record for daily ROP

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A new maximum is reached at Rechitsa field.

The new record for daily ROP was 300 meters. The achievement belongs to the crew number 16 of the EOR & Workover Department, working on the K-125 mobile rig.

As experts of the drilling supervision unit of Rechitsaneft oil and gas production department, the previous record for similar work was set on May 4 this year. And this also happened at the Rechitsa field. Then crew No. 3 of the EOR & Workover Department reached 255 meters of ROP using ARS-100 rig.

Two months later, the Rechitsa field set a new record for ROP during sidetracking.

The supervision division of Rechitsaneft oil and gas production department specified that the length of the "record" lateral will be 1.062 meters. Its KOP is at depth of 1.148 meters.


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