Rosgeo’s Petersburg Company is expected to complete the processing of geological and geophysical materials for 5 hydrocarbon promising sites until the end of 2019

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Geologorazvedka, JSC (city of St. Petersburg, the company is a part of Rosgeo state Holding) is expected to complete the processing and interpretation of geological and geophysical data on exploration and assessment of the prospects for oil and gas of a number of sites in Yakutia and Western Siberia until the end of 2019 within the framework of five contract works performed by Rosgeo’s companies.

In the second quarter, it is planned to complete an integral analysis of potential fields and processing of retrospective geological and geophysical materials with the purpose to assess the prospects of oil and gas potential and allocate the inferred hydrocarbon resources in the Yakut area of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The works have been carried out since November 2017 under the contract with Rosgeo, JSC. The general customer is Yakutnedra.

In the third quarter, Geologorazvedka, JSC, plans to conduct an integral analysis of potential field data and processing of the data of field electroprospecting works by the MT soundings method to assess the petroleum potential and the prepare the sites for stratigraphic drilling in Ust-Amginsk area in Yakutia.

In addition, the survey base line of Khantay 405 – Tinep 2015 well traverse will be tested in order to explore the Khantai-Severorechensk and South Tunguska oil areas and allocate the sites for drilling. Pursuant to this contract Geologorazvedka, JSC, will submit the results of electric exploration materials’ office studies by sounding MT method.

However, the terms of these state contracts completion in a timely manner depends on the timeliness of receiving the materials from co-executors. This will be possible if a required amount of field work is carried out in severe climatic and geographical conditions including the MT method.

In the fourth quarter, the specialists of Geologorazvedka, JSC, also plan to complete the office studies and comprehensive interpretation of seismic prospecting materials of the Western-Zaozerny site in Kondinsky administrative district of Yugra Khanty-Mansiisk autonomous district and in the South of the Tyumen Region within the Karabash-Tobolsk area. The sites were launched in 2017, and Uralnedra was the general customer.

In addition to these sites, the company's portfolio of orders includes 6 more contracts to be continued in 2020. At present, the geological exploration under these contracts is being conducted in compliance with the established deadlines.


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