Justification of Application of Hydroabrasive Sonde Perforator in Innovative Coiled Tubing Technologies


D. ANTONIADI, director, S. FURSIN, associate professor, Institute of oil, gas and energy at Kuban State Technological University

Generally accepted method of field development is drilling horizontal wells with consequent multistage fracturing (MSF). However in some cases another economically and environmentally feasible approach can be applied. This is a multilateral deep reservoir penetration with small-diameter perforation channels from the cased wellbore.

The suggestion for this technology is using a hydroabrasive sonde perforator in coiled tubing system. This perforator based on downhole abrasive container-separator improves the process of creating multiple drainage radial channels with one tripping operation. Injection of abrasive material in sonde nozzle in jet pump mode provides destruction of casing, cement and rock during one continuous operation in the optimum hydrodynamic mode – lower pressure and higher fluid rate. Circulation of the abrasive material inside the wellbore with no lifting to the surface mitigates damage to equipment. Coiled-tubing-conveyed method improves the circulation mode, provides easy control of the perforator through the electric cable inside the coiled tubing, enhances reliability of creating perforation channels in complex geology and technology conditions.

The application of the abrasive material in sonde jet equipment assists in underbalanced perforation. Perforator cable connection with corresponding signal transducers provides full control of the downhole equipment and geology conditions throughout all stages of perforation. The application of box-type seismic-acoustic receivers and thermomechanical sonde deflector along with the opportunity to measure downhole parameters in real time provide active geosteering and improve perforator navigation process during multilateral drilling at high depths.


Full version of the article about this newest technology can be found in the recent issue of Coiled Tubing Times Journal.

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