Progressive Experience for Selective Re-fracturing with SpotFrac Technology


A. ILICHEV, A. VOLKOV, Slavneft-Megionneftegaz

In the last few year oil and gas production companies perform big amount of multistage fracturing operations in horizontal wells. With time, most of the wells required repeated stimulation due to decrease of production. And here the question arises for refracturing operations and selection technology which will be efficient, quick and less expensive for the client.

Current well stock, in which the MSF was performed (Multistage fracturing), require a special approach in case of re-fracturing, since it is necessary to selectively stimulate precisely the intervals, in which re-fracturing will be effective. Where pin point stimulation with possibility isolation is required, one does not stimulate perforated intervals.

MSF technology is also widely used in Public Company "Slavneft-Megionneftegas" and the necessity re-fracturing operations is not less acute.

In 2016 due to this Public Company "Slavneft-Megionneftegas" and "EWS" LLC together with «NCS Multistage unlimited» conducted pilot projects of refracturing the existing wells by «SpotFrac» technology.

General information about «SpotFrac» Technology

«SpotFrac» system is an exclusive development of «NCS Multistage Unlimited» (the official distributor in Russian Federation is "EWS" LLC). This is a quick and economically profitable way to restore the well production by re-fracturing ineffective intervals and adding new frac stages where it is required. Run on tubing, system can perforate, stimulate and isolate several intervals though one round-trip operation.


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