First Hydraulic Fracturing in Newborn Ukrgasdobycha


Andrey ZAKREVSKIY, Director of Newfolk Oil and Gas Consulting Center

On September 18, 2016, Ukrgasdobycha held hydraulic fracturing operation in the southwest of the Kharkiv region, at a depth of 4050 meters. The well has been drilled within 340 days by Ukrgasdobycha drilling deparnment – Ukrburgaz. During the operational period, calibration test was held according to the classical pattern, during and after which the information on the state of wellbore walls permeability was collected. Following calibration test, the main hydraulic fracturing has been adjusted and propping agent (proppant) has been injected in the amount of 40 tons. Fracturing fluid base is treated water, filtered up to 5 microns, without acid additives, heated to a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. The total amount of fluid injected into the well, including injection test, calibration test and the main injection operation, made up 387 cubic meters.

As of September 30, six-millimeter choke well produced 220 cubic meters of water, bringing in 15 cubic meters and 35 thousand cubic meters of gas per day. The water which is taken out from the well is collected in tanks and will be used to retain reservoir pressure – it will be taken out and pumped into special wells, which main task is «to encourage oil and gas fluid from below».


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