Loader Driver A.I. Katin: "CT – an intelligent type of service"


Coiled Tubing Times: Alexey Igorevich, you witnessed the very beginning of Russian coiled tubing. You can say that you are a test engineer, by analogy with a test pilot. Tell us about your experience.

Alexey Katin: I was previously engaged in workover. I have been working with CT since 2000. The first unit of FID Group (he predecessor of NOV FIDMASH) RANT10 was received and put into operation. Belarusian equipment withstands enormous loads, it is adapted for Russia, for Siberia. The MZKT chassis is very reliable: the unit starts up in any frost, while the Benz fails. We worked for fourteen years using RANT10 unit, the first five of which there were no problems at all. The unit worked amazingly! Five years later, the hydraulics had to be repaired. We carried out cleanout, acid treatments. At first, when they were just mastering coiled tubing equipment, we provided services in the Perm Territory. Then we moved to Usinsk, where we worked for a year. The unit there proved to be very good, especially, in comparison with another coiled tubing units produced by a company situated near Moscow.


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