The Quality of Execution of the Works That We Produce with MK20T Unit Satisfies Us in Full


Coiled Tubing Times Journal is unterviewing Roman Kalaputenko, Deputy Head of the Dolina Cementing Division of Ukrnafta.

Coiled Tubing Times: Roman Sergeevich, how can you describe the coil tubing park of Ukrnafta?

Roman Kalaputenko: Ukrnafta currently has two coiled tubing units in operation: the MK20T produced in 2006 works in western Ukraine, another one in produced in 2007 is operated in the east of the country. Both units have already worked a significant number of hours. Problems with the operation barely existed. Sure, some breakdowns happened, but there were almost no serious failures during the operation of the machine, which operates in the west of Ukraine. The quality of execution of the works that we produce with MK20T unit satisfies us and the customer in full.

CTT: What works does your company specialize in?

R.K.: Basically, we perform sand washing, hydrochloric acid treatments, dewaxing of wells, disrupting sand plugs using a downhole downhole motor, well development, cleanout of proppant after hydraulic fracturing.


Full version of the article can be downloaded here

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