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Coiled Tubing Times Journal conducted interview with A. Aksenov, director of INKTKRS LLC.

Coiled Tubing Times: Alexander Victorovich, please tell our readers about INK-TKRS company.

Alexandr Aksenov: INK-TKRS LLC is a hundred per cent subsidiary of Irkutsk Oil Company (IOC). We conduct operations only at IOC fields.

CTT: What regions do you work in?

A.A.: In Eastern Siberia.

CTT: What is INK-TKRS`s business profile?

A.A.: Our company performs workover operations. In particular, we have three coiled tubing fleets.

CTT: What is a manufacturer of units these fleets are equipped with?

A.A.: We have three coiled tubing units manufactured by FIDMASH on MZKT chassis: 2 MK30T and one MK20T with maximum injector pull capacity 27 t. We assembled three full sets of coiled tubing equipment with pump units, steam trucks, etc.


Full version of the article can be downloaded here.

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