Treat Customer as an Equal Partner


Alexey Vshivkov, director for CT services at Veteran LLC answers to questions from Coiled Tubing Times journal.

Coiled Tubing Times: Alexey Anatolievich, what is a business area of the VETERAN company?

Alexey Vshivkov: Service company "VETERAN” provides coiled tubing services and also offers service for preparation of process fluids, well killing and bottomhole treatment.

CTT: You are a director for CT services. How many fleets are in the company?

A.V.: Now we have four fleets working and the fifth fleet to be formed.

CTT: What companies are the main manufacturers of coiled tubing units?

A.V.: CT units are manufactured by FIDMASH CJSC. Our fourth fleet is created on the basis of the latest heavy class unit K40T.


Full version of the article can be downloaded here

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