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Coiled Tubing Times Journal is interviewing N. Taralenko, brigade mechanic, Integra-Services.

Coiled Tubing Times: Nikolai Andreevich, what coiled tubing equipment does your brigade use?

Nikolai Taralenko: We are working on a coiled tubing unit produced by FIDMASH, which is eight years old. All works are carried out adequately. We have very good mechanics, so the equipment is maintained in a working condition. In total, five coiled tubing complexes are deployed in our company.

CTT : What is the class of the units?

N.T.: Four fleets - five-axle MK20T and one unit - modernized M-20. Injectors with a pulling force of 27 tons are installed on all these units.


Full version of the article can be downloaded here.

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